July 28, 2003

Billionaire challenges case for war

(7/26)The US is drifting so far from reality, from the
consensus view within the international community, so
far...Some leaders within the political establishment,
and even a few scattered individuals within the "US
mainstream news media" are struggling desperately to
bring the country's world-view back from fantasy and
denial. The problem of course is the mean-spirited,
small-minded little man who did not win the 2000
presidential election and the cabal that he fronts
for...For example, the _resident just offered up a
"ten-year" plan to "study" the "uncertainty"
concerning global warming. Incredible. The legend goes
that Nero played his fiddle while Rome burns; well,
the _resident and his neo-con wet dreamers are playing
the "Risk" board game of world conquest while the
world itself is melting. Every major industrialized
country (i.e. everyone else in the G-7 is coming to
grips with this world crisis...But, oh, its not a news
story in the US...There has never been a more blatant
example of the fix on SeeNotNews as yesterday's lead
political story, "War of Words," featuring an
interview with the Republican Party national committee
chairman, "fighting back" and saying that all the
Democrats are offering is "protest and pessimism"
about the economy and Iraq. I assure you there has
been no lead political story within the last six
months (or years?) showing Terry McCauliffe, DNC
chairman, speaking as he constantly does on the theft
of Fraudida, and on the _resident's untruths on Iraq,
9/11, etc. or showing the TV spots he has developed
and is attemtping to run on TV stations around the
country. No, SeeNotNews will almost always wait for
the White House response (or in this case the
Republican Party response) before reporting a
substantive or dynamic Democratic attack and then it
almost invariably leads with the White House or
Republica rebuttal...Meanwhile, there is good news
too. Reuters reports that the Congress has received
oer 400,000 demands from constituents for an
investigation of the reasons given for the war in
Iraq, and George Soros (like Warren Buffet and Ted
Turner) has had his name scrawled on the John O'Neil
wall of heroes...


Billionaire challenges case for war
08:29, Jul 26 2003

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Billionaire philanthropist George
Soros is running full-page ads in major U.S.
newspapers challenging the honesty of the Bush
administration's case for waging war in Iraq.

The ads in The New York Times, the St. Louis
Post-Dispatch, and the Houston Chronicle, are titled,
"When the nation goes to war, the people deserve the

A dozen statements made by President George W. Bush,
Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Colin
Powell and Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld making
the case for war are reprinted and described as either
exaggerated or false.

The statements centre on claims about Iraq having
weapons of mass destruction and large quantities of
poison gasses.

The Hungarian-born Soros, 72, emigrated to the United
States from Britain in 1956 and built a fortune as a
financier. He is founder of a network of philanthropic
organisations active in more than 50 countries that
focus on education, public health, human rights and
economic reform.

The ads, estimated to cost about $185,000 (114,000
pounds), were co-sponsored by U.S. philanthropists
Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman.

"Both George Soros and Lewis Cullman have been deeply
concerned about the deception used to justify the war
in Iraq," said Michael Vachon, a spokesman for Soros.

"They believe their fellow citizens should also be
concerned and took out these ads to move them to

Bush has defended the case for war, saying he is
confident that weapons of mass destruction will
eventually be found in Iraq and that criticism of
intelligence about Iraq's military capabilities
amounts to quibbling.

Public opinion on the issue is closely divided,
according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released
this week. It showed U.S. voters believed the
administration did not intentionally exaggerate
evidence that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons by
50 to 44 percent with a 3 percent margin of error.

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