August 15, 2003


Well, if
the-shell-of-a-man-formerly-known-as-Tony-Blair is
really on his way out, we hope that the _resident and
Australian PM John Howard, both of whom have increased
the danger to their own peoples, as well as Spain's
Azana (who contributed little but a photo op to the
bogus "coalition") soon follow
the-shell-of-a-man-formerly-known-as-Tony-Blair into
political oblivion. They can all gather together for a
Carlyle Group barbeque at the fake "ranch" (yes, it
was built for the 2000 campaign and for a man who
cannot ride a horse) in Waco (yes, "Crawford" is in
Waco)and leave the geopolitical body of the world too
slowly painfuly overcome the deep wounds their
foolishness, arrogance and greed have inflicted...


Paul Routledge

THE net is closing on the merchants of death in
Downing Street as witness after witness gives damning
testimony to the Hutton inquiry.

None was more damning yesterday than the voice of Dr
David Kelly.

His taped conversation with Newsnight journalist Susan
Watts establishes beyond doubt that Alastair Campbell
is in the frame for exaggerating the Government's case
for war against Iraq.

It was an eerie moment at the Royal Courts of Justice
when the expert hounded to his death was heard again.
The tape must have made Campbell's blood run cold -
and that of Tony Blair and his Defence Secretary Geoff
Hoon. They may be on holiday thousands of miles away,
but their reputation is in the dock right here in the

On past form, they are getting minute by minute
briefings on the progress of their trial. The No 10
communications machine is nothing if not efficient.

Too efficient, by half. Dr Kelly's testimony shows the
original intelligence case for invading Iraq WAS given
top spin by New Labour media managers.

Intelligence experts have given evidence of their
doubts about the final dossier published by the PM as
his pretext to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

Yesterday, Dr Kelly's "unease" about the overstated
claims was confirmed in his ghostly testimony.

People in Government saw what they wanted to see, he
suggested. "They will see it from their own
standpoint. They may not even appreciate quite what
they were doing."

Even under fire, Dr Kelly was typically generous to
his tormentors. As a scientist, wedded to facts, he
was unwilling to believe politicians would be so
reckless, self-serving and manipulative of
intelligence for their own ends.

We know better, now. The September dossier drew
heavily on intelligence material. It also drew on the
unrivalled spin abilities of Alastair Campbell.

It had to. If the facts were not frightening enough,
they had to be made so.

A FEW days of evidence have destroyed the myth of
"clean hands in Downing Street." And the investigation
is barely in its stride.

Tony Blair must be wondering what more there is to
come. Of course, there is his testimony and that of
Alastair Campbell. Geoff Hoon will also seek to
justify his actions in allowing Dr Kelly's name to be
disclosed to the media.

But this quasi-judicial process is already beyond
their control. Lord Hutton's terms of reference may be
as tight as a knot. But this inquiry is taking on its
own life. Witnesses stray at will.

We are witnessing the slow motion death of this

Who can now believe there was not something dodgy
about the dossier that claimed Saddam could fire
weapons of mass destruction at 45 minutes' notice?

Dr Kelly insisted this just "popped up" during spooks'
deliberations. But it was clearly music to No10. Music
to which they could set a seductive theme.

Now the lyrics are exposed as phoney. It will take a
miracle of spin to restore faith in Tony Blair's case
for war.

What else did we learn yesterday from the Dr Kelly
tape? "They would not pick on me I don't think," he

Oh yes they would. Oh yes they did. He was the perfect
fall guy.

For the first time Blair knows what it is like for his
actions and those of his cohorts to be examined
independently, judiciously and without the covert help
of media backers. It could prove fatal.

Posted by richard at August 15, 2003 11:53 AM