September 02, 2003

Govt 'lied every time' over Iraq, Wilkie says

There is a backlog of names to be scrawled on the John
O'Neill Wall of Heroes, but here is one that is going
on ASAP...Andrew Wilkie, former Aussie intel

Govt 'lied every time' over Iraq, Wilkie says

The man who the Federal Government is trying discredit
over his assertion that the Prime Minister's office
lied about Iraq's weapons program, is unmoved and
insists the Government was lying.

Former intelligence officer Andrew Wilkie gave
evidence to a parliamentary committee yesterday in
Canberra accusing the Federal Government of "sexing
up" its case for a war against Iraq.

It prompted Foreign Minister Alexander Downer to
described him as a "hysterical malcontent".

But speaking at a conference in Sidney today, Mr
Wilkie said Australia's credibility has suffered.

"The Government lied every time," Mr Wilkie said. "It
skewed, misrepresented, used selectively, and
fabricated the Iraq story. The Government lied when
the Prime Minister's office told the media I was
mentally unstable. The Government lied when it
associated Iraq with the Bali bombing and the
Government lied every time that it associated Iraq
with the war on terror."

Mr Wilkie says the Government should be honest about
Iraq since no weapons of mass destruction have been

"I think it would be far more valuable, far more
useful for this country if instead of attacking those
who criticise it, the Government sought to explain in
a sensible and honest way why there is such a gap
between their justification for the war and what we
all now know for sure," he said.


Posted by richard at September 2, 2003 10:17 PM