November 28, 2003

Melting glaciers may make billions thirsty

Restore the Timeline: Defeat Bush in 2004...If Gore
had been sworn into the office he was elected to, the
Middle East process would have resumed in earnest by
the end of 2001, 9/11 may or may not have happened, if
9/11 had happened, real money would have been spent on
real Homeland Security, but either way we would not be
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Alliance would not be so badly factured, the US would
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"California energy crisis" would not have occured,
Conan the Deceiver would still be an entertainer
instead of a cruel political joke, the US budget
surplus would not have been gutted, if 9/11 had
happened, real money would have been spent on real
Homeland Security, and the US would not have abandoned
the Kyoto accords, and it would be leading the planet
in the struggle against global warming, and preparing
the populace for the changes ahead...instead....So,
tell me again, Ralph Nada, how there is no difference
between Bush and Gore...
Show up for Democracy in November, 2004!

Melting glaciers may make billions thirsty

MILAN, Italy (Reuters) --The world's glaciers could
melt within a century if global warming accelerates,
leaving billions of people short of water and some
islanders without a home, environmentalists said.

"Unless governments take urgent action to prevent
global warming, billions of people worldwide may face
severe water shortages as a result of the alarming
melting rate of glaciers, the WWF group said in a
report Thursday. It said human impact on the climate
was melting glaciers from the Andes to the Himalayas,
bringing longer-term threats of higher sea levels that
could swamp island states.

Officials from 180 nations will meet in Milan on
December 1-12 to discuss international efforts to rein
in a rise in global temperatures, blamed by scientists
on emissions of gases from factories and cars that are
blanketing the planet.

"Simulations project that a 4.0 Celsius (8.0 F) rise
in temperature would eliminate nearly all of the
world's glaciers" by the end of the century, WWF said.

Himalayan glaciers feed seven great rivers of Asia
that run through China and India, the world's most
populous nations, ensuring a year-round water supply
to two billion people.

WWF said that nations most at risk also included
Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, where melt water from
Andean glaciers supplies millions during dry seasons.

Island states like Tuvalu in the Pacific, meanwhile,
could be submerged by rising sea levels triggered by
melting glaciers.

Sea levels could rise even further if two of the
world's largest ice caps, in Antarctica and Greenland,
melt substantially, though the report left them out of
its reckoning because of their unpredictability.

Glaciers are ancient rivers of packed snow that creep
through the landscape, shaping the planet's surface.


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