March 04, 2005

LNS Oceania Digest (March 2005)

Another tragic milestone has passed in the Bush Abomination -- the 1500th US soldier has been killed in Iraq. For what? The Neo-Con wet dream of a Three Stooges Reich. Little else. Certainly not to seize weapons of mass destruction (there were none), certainly not to spread democracy in the Middle East (they will only twist it to their purposes, just as they have subverted it here)....

Meanwhile, the Corporatist news media's complicity with the Bush Cabal is becoming ever more obvious even to those who were chided us for our fixation on it several years ago. Now the "Complicity of the Corporatist News Media" section of the second edition of the LNS Oceania Digest (March 2005)is so chock full of examples and analysis that we had to break into two sections -- one on general outrages, one on the Gannon Scandal in particular...

You will also find a new section entitled "Death of the Republic?" with cogent, comprehensive, hard-hitting analysis on what the Triad (i.e., the Bush Cabal, its wholly-owned-subsidiary-formerly-known-as-the-Republican-Party and their full partners in the Corporatist News Media) are doing to replace our way of life and our system of government with something in its own image.

It is perhaps overly optimistic to leave in the question mark, but there are signs of life throughout the country: in Vermont, the populace has rejected the foolish military adventure in Iraq, in Seatlle, the Mayor has called on his colleagues in other cities to begin to implement the measures called for in the Kyoto Accords on a city by city basis. Resistance is NOT futile.

You can read about these rebellions in Vermont and Seattle in the "John P. O'Neill Wall of Heroes Update" section of this issue.

You will find lots more important news and analysis in the eleven sections of the March posting. Please review it and share it with others. Agaon, this update is in eleven sections and to view it all you must click on "March" using the calendar.

We will continue to post the LNS Oceania Digest on a monthly basis to update the LNS searchable database on a monthly basis until our new site goes live (sooner than later)...

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