April 01, 2005

LNS Oceania Review: April Fool's Day Edition

Remember that at least 1528 US soldiers have died for nothing in the Bush cabal's foolish military adventure in Iraq. Remember, too, that their grieving families are forbidden to take photos of their flag-drapped caskets. Remember that this debacle in the desert has cost you over $150 billion dollars. Remember that the Italian journalist (rescued by an Italian secret agent who was killed by US forces *after* the two had reached safety) wrote on the use of napalm and the bombing of a hospital in Fallujah prior to being kidnapped in Iraq...Remember that Osama bin Laden has yet to be brought to justice for the mass murder of innocents on 9/11/01...Remember that the US presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were stolen from you...Remember that the US mainstream news media is worse than complicit in the Bush abmonination's crimes against the US Constitution and against humanity, it is a full partner in a triad of special interests (e.g., energy, weapons, media, tobacco, pharmacueticals, etc.)...Yes, of course, let’s sell F16s to the Pakistanis. They have done such an excellent job: harboring Bin Laden and high level Al Qaeda, providing nuclear weapons secrets to North Korea and others (use your imagination), etc. But, of course, none of it makes any sense…April Fool's Day...The maximum leader of the minimum-minded says, ”err on the side of life.” Except, of course, if the life is that of a US Marine or a National Guardsman or an Italian secret agent or a journalist from anywhere who refuses to crawl "embed." The maximum leader of the minimum-minded says, ”err on the side of life.” Except, of course, if the life is that of a five-month-old child (Sun Hudson) who had the plug pulled on him (in Texas under a law signed by the maximum leader for the minimum-minded while he was Governor) because the child's condition was "hopeless" and because his family could not afford the cost of keeping on the life-sustaining machines. The maximum leader of the minimum-minded says, ”err on the side of life," yet obstinately refuses to acknowledge, despite the overwhelming preponderance of data and the indisputable consensus of scientific opinion, that global warming aggravated by the consumption of fossil fuels is not only a grim reality but that it will be responsible for far more deaths than terrorism in the next few decades...The maximum leader of the minimum-minded dispatched his brother Jeb, satrap of Fraudida (and next in line to the imperial throne), to seize the body of the brain-dead Terri Shiavo against the wishes of her husband and the will of courts, in order to stick feeding tubes back into it, but, local authorities resisted. Was this the first skirmish in the second civil war and did we (not just progressives, the judge who is resisting and had to resign from his own church is a conservative Republican) win that first skirmish…”Err on the side of life”? April Fool's Day...For the Bush Cabal, a brain-dead hospice patient is the perfect voter. Randall Terry can fill out her absentee ballot for her and receive White House funding for it as a faith based initiative. April Fool's? No, the Death of the Republic. Unless you remember and resist, unless you restore fair elections and a free press to the USA...
The April Fool's Day edition of the LNS Oceania Review is organized into ten sections of important op-ed pieces and news items. Please read them and share them with others. They are available on the LNS site archive, with its searchable database, for the sake of researchers and students.
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Remember, resist and restore fair elections and a free press in America..

Posted by richard at April 1, 2005 01:57 PM