Glossary of Terms

Bush cabal personalities

_resident: Because although he is functioning as US President, Bush is not the "duly elected" US President. He is merely the _resident.

VICE _resident: Cheney, of course, was not "duly elected" either. The VICE is capitalized to point to his extraordinary relationship with Halliburton and his refusal to release the "Energy Plan" information demanded by the US General Accounting Office (GAO).

White House au pair: Condi Rice.

Calm 'Em Powell: Colin Powell, clearly only used as a front man. If he indeed has the principles his admirers project on him, his views are wholly disregarded within the Bush cabal.

Paul Woefullwits: Paul Wolfowitz.

Richard Puerile: Richard Perle.

The-shell-of-a-man-formerly-known-as-Tony-Blair: The-shell-of-a-man-formerly-known-as-Tony-Blair

The-shell-of-a-man-formerly-known-as-Ralph-Nader, aka Ralph Nada: Ralph Nader might as well be counted as one of them, since he still insists on his big lie of 2000 (i.e. that there would be no difference between voting for Gore or Bush). There is nothing more craven than Ralph Nada campaigning in Fraudida in the final days of the election, except perhaps how little he had to say about either the disenfranchisement of the African American votes of Fraudida or the theft of a national office.

[NOTE: I did not make up mocking names for Ashcroft and Rumsfeld, because there is nothing funny about either of them.]


Propapunditgandists: The panelists on shows like CNN's Capitol Gang or ABC's This Week in Review for example, even some of the supposed "liberals" like Margaret Carlson, etc. who twist public opinion, feed the deep denial and thereby enable the sick men who have seized power.

George Stop&Laugh@Us: George Stephanopolis, who sold his soul to sit next to George Will and Cokie Roberts.

SeeNotNews: CNN

AnythingButSee: ABC


MustNotBeSeen: MSBNC

Faux News: Fox News

PrettyBlandStuff: PBS

Non-PlusseRadio: NPR

NYTwits: New York Times, which failed the country miserably in its coverage of Fraudida 2000.

WASHPs: Washington Post, which failed the country miserably in its coverage of Fraudida 2000.

Larry King Lying: Larry King Live

SeeBS Fork the Nation: CBS Face The Nation

AnythingButSee Week In Revision: ABC Week In Review

NotBeSeen Meat The Press: NBC Meet The Press


Fraudida: Florida, where Gore's clear victory on election day was deconstructed, and the 2000 Presidential election was stolen, using multiple techniques and with the capitulation of the US mainstream news media. For example, Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fraudida).

Misery: (Missouri, which like Fraudida suffered from serious vote disruption, as well as the *untimely* and *accidental* death of Mel Carnahan, in 2000. Misery is also the home state of Att. Gen. John Ashcroft.)

Jeffords: (Vermont, renamed for the brave, principled action of its Sen. Jim Jeffords in moving from "Republican" to "Independent" to fight right-wing extremism. For example, "Howard Dean (D-Jeffords)"

Mekong Delta: Massachuesetts, renamed to celebrate the distinguished military service of Sen. John Kerry, who was a gunboat commander in the Mekong Delta and then returned to the US to lead Vietnam Veterans Against the War and throw his numerous medals on the steps of the Pentagon. The appelation "Sen. John Kerry (D-Mekong Delta)" inoculates him against the AWOL draft-dodging _resident's political thugs who will attempt to portray Kerry as a "Massachuesetts liberal" like Dukakis, etc.

Sanctimonicutt: Connecticut, renamed to mock the "holier than thou" politics of Joe Lieberman ("D"-Sanctimonicutt).


"D": D for Democrat, but the "D" is in quote to question the bona fides of figures such as Lieberman and Gephardt who seems to have lost perspective on issues such as Iraq, the "war on terrorism," etc.

Triple LockWhat the Bush Cabal wants in the 2004 (and subsequent) "elections," i.e. Lock #1, Overwhelming advantage in campaign $$$, Lock #2, Monopolistic corporate control of the mainstream news media, Lock #3, Take over of the voting process itself (e.g., "touch screen voting," etc.)

"vast right-wing conspiracy"Hillary Clinton (D-NY) was ridiculed for daring to speak of it, but the relentless machine fueled by Scaife and a few other has since been documented in Hunting of the President (Conason, Lyons) and corroborated by an insider in Blinded by The Right (Brock).

corporatism Mussolini said "facism" would be more aptly named "corporatism." We can now testify to the astuteness of his observation.

Wellstoned As in, "to be Wellstoned..." i.e. to meet an untimely (or quite timely from a different point of view) and "acidental" death.

2+2=4: (See George Orwell's "1984")

"Out, out damn spot": (See William Shakespeare's Macbeth)

Bush Abomination = Bush Administration

US regimestream news media = US mainstream news media

Triad = 1) Bush Cabal, 2) Wholly-owned-subsidiary-formerly-known-as-the-Republican-Party, 3) Sponsors in the US regimestream news media (i.e. GE, Disney, etc.)