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Written by Jackspace   
Dec 25, 2005 at 06:58 PM

Mayans first gave a hint. Extraterrestrial UFO watchers are getting more signs of the same. A spectacular event may unfold in 2012. The type IV extraterrestrial alien civilization may officially reveal their identity and educate human civilization about everything out their! Scientists all around the world are preparing for something spectacular behind the scenes. They will not talk about it, give any hint about it to anyone they do not know but some know very well that 2012 may be the year when the extraterrestrials unveil their hide and seek game and show up finally from the Hyperspace. It may not happen in 2012 but sooner or later it will happen!

Many researchers watching the UFO sightings, flight patterns and extreme increase in the number of natural calamities predict a spectacular phenomenon. According to these think tanks, earth will face extreme flood in the coastal cities, extreme devastation of the earth’s crust through endless earthquakes, enormous volcanic activities, landslides, Tsunamis and so on.

The earth may become a planet not suitable to support intelligent life forms any more. What happened to Atlantis many years back may happen to the whole earth in a mega scale. All these can be caused due to excessive solar storms and weakness in the earth’s magnetosphere. The earth is in the process reversing its polarity and so is Sun. No one really knows what the net effects will be! No one knows what will be the intensity of devastation – but is true that we will experience exceeding amount of natural calamities between now and 2012.

According to some thinks tanks, our civilization may be savede by some spectacular rescue efforts by the advanced extraterrestrial type IV alien civilization. According to these future observers, there are possibilities; we will be transported out to some other planets in distant galaxies or even out of this Universe into another Universe in the Hyperspace.

They see possibilities of spectacular events where our precious civilization will be saved. Some believe that something else will happen! We will not experience any significant problems at all. The extraterrestrial type IV civilizations will provide electromagnetic shield to us by hardening earth’s magnetosphere by many folds.

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