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Written by Jackspace   
Dec 27, 2005 at 01:33 PM
For the pothead who has everything, except pot.  These scented candles will have the lady across the hall wondering what's cookin' at your space age bachelor pad.  Or maybe you live in a trailer house?  In any case, light one of these and you'll think you've landed in Amsterdam, well, OK, maybe even the high school parking lot.

What I like most about these candles is you can fly your freak flag without getting busted.  In fact, you could even start a conspiracy with your friends down the hall to ALWAYS burn these so the R.A. gets tired of coming down and busting you for another false alarm.  And if enough people burn them, well then you'd have a movement, and that's what we're callin' it:  the Cannabis Candle Concerto Manifesto, in C Flat (used to be B Sharp but that was too predictable).

Some folks actually enjoy the scent of this burning weed.  The first time I remember smelling pot burning, I thought someone had left the toaster on too long.  After a while I began to be able to differentiate between Skunk #1, Jack Herer, and my dirty laundry.  Hopfully these candles will come with the wide variety of 'bouquets' available from the sacred herb.  Now if someone would work on a dream pillow that actually does something to your dreams . . .

from: Gizmodo

Oh man. That pun in the title was like, soooo funny, man. Dig…Pot? Like a Potted Plant! Sorry about that, I just got sidetracked because of this totally awesome Cannabis-scented candle from IIKH. Straight outta NYC, these candles are made from vegetable wax and have a cotton wick for a longer and cleaner burn. You know, kind of like a totally rad bong hit, man. If Cannabis isn’t quite your thing, the candles also come in other scents such as Basil, Black Tea, Hyacinth and Lime Blossom. If you want to get your stoner friend something for the holidays, this is a great gift idea. Votives are $10 and candles are $28, so why not grab a dime bag and a few votives and be creative?

Cannabis Candles from IIKH [Cool Hunting]

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