July 03, 2003

Anthrax link to US Army trainer

This posting is just a placeholder, just a reminder, passed on to you from
Agence France Press, via the Sidney Morning Herald. It is distilled from a story by Judith Miller (Chalabi's mouthpiece) and two other NYTwit
correspondents (probably to mitigate Miller's credibility problem)...is this story simply more disinformation? is someone toying with us all (e.g., waiting to "crack the case" to dominate an otherwise really damaging news cycle)? or is someone really trying to avoid cracking the case because of where it will lead? STAY TUNED...sooner or later, the
truth of the post-9/11 anthrax snail mail attacks on
the Democratic leaders of the US Senate and the network TV anchors will be


Anthrax link to US Army trainer

July 3 2003

The man described by US Attorney-General, John
Ashcroft, as a "person of interest" in an inquiry into
the anthrax postal attacks in 2001 trained US special
forces in biological warfare before the Iraq war, The
New York Times reported yesterday.

Steven Hatfill helped set up a mobile bioweapons
laboratory that was used to teach troops what to look
for in Iraq, the newspaper said, citing unnamed
government officials and experts.

At the heart of the project was a covert plan to build
a mobile germ plant, real in all its parts but never
actually "plugged in" to make weapons, it was claimed.
To design the unit, the Government turned to Dr
Hatfill, then a rising star in the world of biological

According to the report, the officials now say a major
reason Dr Hatfill came under suspicion following the
anthrax attacks, which left five people dead, was his
work on the mobile unit. In any case, investigators
found no evidence suggesting that the plant ever made
anthrax, the paper said.

Even after the FBI began investigating Dr Hatfill, the
Pentagon continued to draw on his expertise.


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