July 03, 2003

Lautenberg Criticizes Bush "Bring Them On" Rhetoric

Yesterday, the _resident made one of the most
politically stupid statements of his disasterous
reign: "Bring 'em on." Yes, the _resident incited
fresh attacks on US soldiers. (200+ have already died,
an average of one every day or two, and dozens since
his publicity stunt on the aircraft carrier in front
of a banner that said "Mission Accomplished.") Indeed,
within hours six more US soldiers had been injured. It
was a disgraceful and embarrassing moment, the
_resident talked like a college football coach, not a
world leader. "Bring them 'on." An awfully callous and
reckless statement from someone who apparently went
AWOL for the last year of his draft-dodging stint in
the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam war.
And what did the US mainstream media do with this
story? Ann Incompetent, AnythingButSee's White
House "correspondent," was flustered and apologetic.
Dana Milktoast of the WASHPs tread very lightly.
The NYTwits did not deem it worthy of the front page (at least in the national edition). AnythingButSee radio spent more time on their lead story (an out-of-control escalator at Coors Staduim). SeeNotNews made sure it only ran the political fall-out story with Ari "Flicka" Fleischer's spin right under the lead, and the most credible Democratic attack buried farther down...
Here is what Sen. Frank Launtenberg (D-NJ) said (and
yes, his name should be scrawled on the John O'Neal
wall of heroes)in its entirety, since you probably
won't get to hear a Lautenberg sound byte.
NOTE: Dick LoseHeart (D-Misery) also spoke out, but
from him it is too little too late.


July 2, 2003
Lautenberg Criticizes Bush "Bring Them On" Rhetoric on
NEWARK, N.J. – United Senator Frank R. Lautenberg
sharply criticized the irresponsible and inciteful
rhetoric used by President Bush today in his speech
about intensified violence against U.S. forces by
Iraqi insurgents. With regard to those oppositional
forces attacking American troops, Bush said: "My
answer is bring them on…We got the force necessary to
deal with the security situation.'' Minutes after
learning about the speech, Lautenberg said:

"I am shaking my head in disbelief. When I served in
the army in Europe during World War II, I never heard
any military commander – let alone the Commander in
Chief – invite enemies to attack U.S. troops," said

Lautenberg described Bush's word choice –"bring them
on"-- as tantamount to inciting and inviting more
attacks against U.S. forces. He said that the U.S.
should be aspiring for the opposite military

"We want to see the Iraqi opposition disappear. We
want to see law and order restored to Iraq, which will
allow the Iraqi people to live in security and
freedom. These should be our goals – rather than
encouraging more violence and bloodshed," Lautenberg

Lautenberg wrote a letter to Secretary Rumsfeld today
expressing his concerns over the lack of a post-war
strategy in Iraq in light of the number of casualties
the U.S. has sustained since President Bush declared
that major combat operations had ended on May 1. One
third of U.S. casualties in Iraq have occurred since
May 1st.

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