July 07, 2003

Graham Rebukes Bush for Iraq Comments

For the record, here are the remarks of Sen. Bob
Graham (D-Fraudida) on the _resident's disrgaceful,
irresponsible and foolish "Bring 'em on" taunt...Of
course, the US mainstream news media's eagerness to
allow Calm 'Em Powell and Condi Rice the White au pair
to change the subect at least as disgraceful and
irresponsible. Change the subject to ransom for Saddam
(before it was "Saddam is not relevant," because they
could not produce him, now it is "Saddam is behind
this..." because they will not admit to the
insurgency). They gave the sound bytes last night to
several GOP Senators on their way back from Iraq
saying, "Oh yes, we must catch Saddam. Everything will
OK after that..." Well, even if that were true (which
it is not), why doesn't the US news media hold
Rumsfeld and Ari Flicka Fleischer responsible for
their comments about Saddam's whereabouts and status
being larely insignificant? And of course the sound
bytes you heard were GOP Senators talking about
Saddam, not Democratics like Lautenberg, Graham and
Kerry (D-Mekong Delta) who all made powerful
statements. Don't show leadership in the opposition,
because people will rally around it. Don't show
leadership in the opposition, because then you can
have Michael Moore and Ralph Nada say it isn't
there...Remember, this July 4th, that we have one
election left to save this Republic (including its
Consitution, and its promise) from brain-death...2+2=4


Graham Rebukes Bush for Iraq Comments

Manchester, NH - On a visit to New Hampshire today,
Democratic presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Bob
Graham commented on President Bush's challenge made
yesterday to insurgents in Iraq: "There are some who
feel like that, you know, the conditions are such that
they can attack us there. My answer is bring it on."

"That was not the kind of statement a president should
make because it may entice the Iraqis to continue
their attacks," Graham said today in New Hampshire.
"'Bring it on' may be appropriate for a referee in a
Las Vegas boxing match to say, but not for the man we
trust to lead our men and women who are in harm's

According to the Washington Post, as of July 3, 2003
"there have been 64 Americans killed since Bush
declared the bulk of fighting over two months ago."


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